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Campbell I.S.D. School Board Members enjoyed the recognition and expressions of appreciation

Campbell ISD board members enjoyed the recognition and expressions of appreciation they received during the school board meeting on January 21, 2016. Students from all grade levels participated at some preparing Super Hero placemats as well as table and wall decorations.  The art club and sponsor (Mrs. Nimmo) designed the banner and cards.  Also members and sponsors from the high school Student Council (StuCo) and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) provided ingredients and preparations for a wonderful supper consisting of chili with all the trimmings and some terrific desserts.  Two board members, Jan French and Andy Coffman were unable to attend the meeting due to illness. However, those in attendance included (l to r in the pictures) Mike Hoffmann, Dave French, Ken Duke, Tim Dorner, and Frank Owens.

New Online Food Menus

Here is the link to our new online Food Menus.

A Big “THANK YOU” to the Campbell ISD School Board Members

January is School Board Recognition Month, and Campbell ISD joins other districts across the state as they honor the countless contributions of our locally elected advocates for the children in public education.

Serving on the local school board is no easy task, especially in today’s climate of rapid change and financial uncertainties.  The one lady and six gentlemen on the Campbell ISD board were elected to establish policies and make decisions to positively impact the children in our schools.  They tackle tough issues and shoulder enormous responsibilities.The efforts of these elected volunteers often goes unnoticed, but the staff and students of the CISD applaud our board members for their vision and voice to help shape a better tomorrow.

Under the leadership of the school board, Campbell ISD is offering an increasing number and variety of opportunities for its students, including more college/high school dual credit courses, access to learning technology, pathways leading to industry certifications, learning field trips, and fine arts offerings.  The board has led the charge in energy savings by upgrading the lighting and HVAC systems as well as water saving faucets on campus.

The current CISD School Board members include: Jan French, President; Andy Coffman, Vice President; Ken Duke, Secretary; Tim Dorner, member; Michael Hoffmann, member; Dave French, member; and Frank Owens, member.

These public servants donate their time and talents to ensure that the Campbell ISD provides the best education possible.  They are always making decisions with children in mind so that the students get a top notch education.  The community as a whole benefits from having a good school.

Please take the opportunity to show these members of the Campbell ISD school board your appreciation for their selfless service.

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