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Our History

The History of Campbell ISD

The Campbell school has always been a part of the Campbell community. The first school, Campbell Academy, was established the same year J. F. Beasley donated land for the community and school in 1880.

The Academy building was moved and the second school building was erected in 1913. It was torn down when the Works Progress Administration (WPA), constructed the third building in 1937-1938. February 26, 1993, a fire destroyed this building. On May 15, 1993, the community passed a bond to complete the construction of a new building. January 23, 1994, the fourth campus of the Campbell Independent School District (ISD) was dedicated.

Campbell ISD is a rural town fifty-seven miles east of Dallas. Our school consist of approximately forty-seven square miles straddling I-30 in eastern Hunt County. Currently (2018-2019), 307 students attend Campbell Academy in one pre kindergarten through twelfth grade campus. Campbell employs approximately fifty-five staff members working off an annual budget of 3.4 million dollars. Campbell receives 71% of funding from the state, 27% from taxpayers, and the remaining balance is from federal and other revenue sources. Campbell ISD is considered a property poor district as one penny of taxation only generates approximately $8,000.

Campbell ISD offers academic programs including: dual credit, honors, and level classroom work in core academic subjects as well as career and technology pathways in agriculture, food science nutrition, and business career fields.

Campbell ISD athletic programs include: boys football, boys and girls basketball, track, cross country, golf as well as boys baseball, and girls softball.

Campbell ISD is proud of its small school atmosphere while maintaining many large school curriculum options, athletic programs, and various other clubs and activities for students.