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Dyslexia and School District Charter School Requirements

Texas Education Code §38.003:

  •  Students enrolling in public schools shall be tested for dyslexia at appropriate times.
  • The board of trustees of each school district or charter school shall provide for the treatment (i.e., instruction) of any student determined to have dyslexia.

Texas Administrative Code §74.28: 

  • The board of trustees of a school district or charter school must ensure that procedures for identifying a student with dyslexia and for providing appropriate instructional services to the student are implemented.
  • A school district or charter school shall purchase or develop its own reading program for students with dyslexia, as long as the program is characterized by the descriptors found in The State Dyslexia Handbook ~ Revised
  • Each school district or charter school must provide each identified student access at his or her campus to the services of a teacher trained in dyslexia and related disorders.
  • Each school district or charter school shall provide a parent-education program for parents/guardians of students with dyslexia.